Welcome to Unfinished Ragnarok Online ~ The Journey Never Ends! Max. Lvl.: 255/75 Rates: 650/650/Custom...


UnfinishedRO v1.0 Full Client

INFO: If you use Windows 8, please make sure you run the Client in compatibility mode, right-click the .exe -> Properties -> Compatibility Tab and set it to Windows XP or Windows 7, otherwise you won't be able to connect to our server!

This is a Stand-alone client.

It's basically everything you need to play, and includes kRO and UnfinishedRO Patch files all merged together!

UnfinishedRO Full Client

UnfinishedRO v1.0 Small Client

This patch includes all latest english translations and textures.

It's meant to be used with kRO / RagRay clients, by installing it in the same directory.

Avoid installing it over other servers patches to prevent conflicts.

UnfinishedRO Small Client