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Welcome to UnfinishedRO

News 20.03.2018 - Today uRO has been open for 2 months!

Dear UnfinishedRO Users,

it has already been an exciting 2 months that have passed since we opened the gates of UnfinishedRO for you to join us and come play and hang out with! Unbelievable how quick time flys by!

In those 2 months only a few small things happened on the server tho', since we're still unfortunately only a very small community YET. Some of the things that happened was the whole restructure of our Forum as well as some droprate, spawnrate and some automated event prize adjustments.

We're hoping with time more and more people will find our little server and help it grow and get better, and to make it better we the UnfinishedRO GM Team need all the help, tips, advice and suggestions you have for us that makes you think would help increase and benefit the servers population, so come to our Forum and tell us what you think!

Or if you have any problems getting started on our server or you can't login for some reason, please let us also know in the Forum so we can help you asap!

Now, we hope all of you will have a lot fun on the server, so you can tell your friends about us to grow the server even further!


Masao - UnfinishedRO Admin