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Welcome to UnityRO

News 13.07.2018 - UnityRO Beta

Dear UnityRO Users,

welcome to our brand new server! We're glad you've made it this far and that you're checking out our homepage and hopefully our server as well!

UnityRO is currently still in its beta phase but we're close to finishing it so that we can get out of beta. But as we're currently still in beta I want to inform you that bugs, errors, crashes can still happen and balance still may be out of place and needs adjustment.

We're not planing on doing a wipe after we're out of beta unless there were some major bugs or game breaking issues that require a wipe, which souldn't be t he case at this point in development.

We still hope that you come and check us out and give our server a try, we whish you a lot of fun and good luck!


Masao - UnityRO Admin