Welcome to Unfinished Ragnarok Online ~ The Journey Never Ends! Max. Lvl.: 255/75 Rates: 650/650/Custom...

Welcome to UnfinishedRO

News 20.01.2018 - Welcome to UnfinishedRO

Dear UnfinishedRO Users,

welcome to UnfinishedRO! UnfinishedRO is the pre-renewal midrate server of the Ragnarok Online project from me Masao and Innos, who is the Admin of the renewal lowrate server ExRO.

The server UnfinishedRO is all about you, your journey in RO to fame and always be able todo something on our server to not feel bored, thus the name UnfinishedRO was born!

We hope all of you will have a lot fun on the server, so you can tell your friends about us to grow the server even further!


Masao - UnfinishedRO Admin